Parcel Payment Audit

Parcel Payment Audit

TCR’s Parcel Auditing Service

Parcel Payment Refund Audits

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Parcel Audits by TCRBelow you will find the types of discrepancies that TCR finds, and gets refunded for you company via our powerful small package audit tools.

Gone are the days of not knowing. Even above the savings, it’s TCR’s information management capabilities that win the day.

Parcel Audit Process Flow

TCR provides clients with amazing freight management tools, and reliable freight payment audit services. Explore the benefits of becoming a TCR client.

Audit Points

Guaranteed Service RefundsGuaranteed Service RefundsLost Parcel RefundsLine Item RefundsParcel Mgmt Reports

Guaranteed Service Refunds (Late Delivery):

TCR recovers 2%-5% of our client’s worldwide parcel expenses for late delivered parcels. If a parcel is late with no valid voiding exception given by the carrier, TCR will claim the refund on your behalf.

Billed But Not Shipped Refunds:

TCR recovers 2%-3% of our client’s worldwide parcel expenses for parcels that were manifested, but never shipped due to a client cancellation or order consolidation. If a parcel was manifested with the carrier but never picked up, we will identify and claim these parcels. In addition, we can audit up to six months of back data for your company, so that you don’t pay for services you never received.

Lost Parcel Refunds:

TCR identifies parcels that were never delivered; we submit tracers to the carriers and process the claim documents on behalf of our clients. TCR is recovering 2%-3% of our clients parcel expense from parcels that were never delivered.

Carriers refund up to $100.00/parcel plus shipping charges for all non-delivered parcels. No insurance is necessary to recover these refunds. This is the only method carriers offer customers to recover their shipping expenses for parcels which were never delivered.

Carrier Invoice Analysis & Refunds:

TCR’s Invoice Analysis has recovered over $5 million for our clients. TCR will review each line item of your invoice; we identify misapplied charges, invoice errors, and service failures and retrieve the refund from your carrier. We audit each invoice, line by line, to ensure that each and every charge was applied correctly. For every incorrect charge identified, TCR will claim the following on your behalf:

  1. Duplicate Charges.
  2. Address Correction Surcharge.
  3. Delivery Area Surcharge.
  4. Residential Surcharge.
  5. Saturday Delivery.
  6. Saturday Pickup.
  7. Rate Audit.
  8. Early AM Surcharge.

Parcel Management Reports:

With increased visibility into your shipping operations, TCR allows you to fully understand the shipping charges that you are incurring across all carriers. TCR’s reports make it easier for you to identify opportunities that will increase operational efficiency and further reduce costs.TCR clients gain immediate insight into every shipment you make. In addition, you can view your shipping costs by carrier to see how much you’ve saved by partnering with TCR.

You’ll get immediate insight into key metrics such as:

  • Volume.
  • Shipping Exceptions.
  • Parcel Characteristics.
  • Shipping Charges.
  • Year-to-date Savings Trends<./li>
  • Average cost per Parcel or Shipment.
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