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TCR is an innovative provider of parcel audit, freight payment, freight audit and transportation management services, including tariff and contract negotiations.

Increase our client’s profits by ensuring efficient shipping charges and maximizing control over their supply chain with actionable reports and analysis without changing their business processes.

Transportation Cost Recovery is a privately held freight auditing company. The principles originated from a carrier and shipper background with over 27 years of transportation experience. Therefore, they understand the issues from a carrier and user point of view. Thus, TCR’s proprietary software was created to offer better organized billing and to ensure efficient shipping charges.

TCR's Track Record

We are currently saving our clients thousands of dollars every week, ensuring our clients the lowest shipping charges; but we didn’t stop there!

Building on our proven record of success, TCR has expanded this philosophy of software knowledge and shipping invoice auditing to an even greater level.

We now offer our clients a unique look into their supply chain and give greater ability in cost allocation; ultimately helping them make more effective business decisions. TCR also provides our clients with critical information to assist them in negotiating their carrier contract, which until now, only the carriers possessed. TCR’s proprietary software ensures that no other company can duplicate this insight.

No longer do shippers have to be disadvantaged when negotiating carrier contracts. When a TCR client deals with the carriers they are empowered by our extensive experience and reliable information.

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