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Parcel Audit

Statistics prove that over $2 Billion go uncollected yearly because shippers do not have the time, resources or technology to collect these refunds until recently.

At TCR, maximizing your shipping dollars is of the utmost importance. We believe that carriers should live up to their promises. We expect nothing less, and take measures with all our innovative freight management programs to ensure just that.

TCR will analyze every shipment for guaranteed service failures, and then present the appropriate guaranteed service refund request to the carrier in your behalf.

» How do we do it? «

To implement our parcel audit service, our clients will contact their carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) to receive their invoice in the specific electronic data interchange (EDI) format. This format may differ by carrier while many carriers make this available directly in a web portal. Once secured, they send their electronic billing file and contract rates directly to TCR.

Upon receipt at TCR, the invoices are checked against the contract rate agreements and carrier discounts provided to TCR by our clients. The invoice then goes through various proprietary algorithms to identify:

  • Late parcels – Guaranteed service refunds (GSRs)
  • Parcels billed but not shipped – Manifest Errors
  • Lost Parcels – shipped from origination but never arrived at destination

If an invoice contains any items mentioned above, TCR works with the carrier to obtain a refund. Only valid refunds confirmed by the carrier are then invoiced to our clients, we do not bill you until you have realized the savings.

» Parcel Audit Benefits «

  • Recoup 3%-5% on shipping costs that are already written in existing contracts for late parcels, parcels billed but not shipped, or lost parcels.
  • Clients have found they can reduce their customer churn by 10% – 12% by following up with their customers who did not receive there packages to ensure customer satisfaction. Allow TCR to handle the tiresome task of making sure your lost package refunds are secure.
  • Web access to all transportation bills processed for customers and transportation service providers.
  • Analytics available to provide our clients with timely and quality data directly from their carrier.
  • General Ledger accounting codes will be applied to each freight bill based on a customer’s specific business requirements, to allow cost center allocation.
  • Reduction of our clients accounts payable cost.
  • Corporate control of all transportation service provider costs.

» Time to Complete «

All parcel invoices are typically audited and paid weekly. TCR will make available online items TCR did not pay and why.

» Fees «

TCR fees are a percentage of the overcharges; therefore there is no risk for customers. If TCR collects nothing you pay nothing.

We track all of your deliveries, and get the refunds you deserve. As a TCR parcel audit client, you don’t incur start up costs, and you don’t pay for any services until you receive money back. So the only thing you have to lose is unclaimed refunds.

» More on parcel audit «

There’s no need to involve your IT staff, Operations or Accounting personnel or even the Traffic Department. TCR accepts all forms of electronic billing file including e-invoice, EDI, web downloads or feeds directly from shipping system etc. Just send us the documents, and let us get started.

» Parcel Management Reports «

With increased visibility into your shipping operations, TCR allows you to fully understand the shipping charges that you are incurring across all carriers. TCR’s reports make it easier for you to identify opportunities that will increase operational efficiency and further reduce costs.TCR clients gain immediate insight into every shipment you make. In addition, you can view your shipping costs by carrier to see how much you’ve saved by partnering with TCR.

You’ll get immediate insight into key metrics such as:

  • Volume.
  • Shipping Exceptions.
  • Parcel Characteristics.
  • Shipping Charges.
  • Year-to-date Savings Trends.
  • Average cost per Parcel or Shipment.