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Freight Audits

TCR offers the industry’s leading freight pre-audit program through a highly-trained, experienced team of networked freight auditors. Pre-audits are performed in tandem with freight payment services.

» How do we do it? «

To implement our freight pre-audit service, letters are sent to a shipper’s carriers instructing them to send their freight bills to TCR for freight pre-audit.

Upon receipt at TCR, the freight bills are checked against bureau tariffs maintained by TCR and rate agreements and carrier discount information provided to TCR by our clients or their carriers for freight rate, commodity description and extension errors.

If a freight bill is in accordance with tariff or contract information that has been provided to us by our client and the freight charges are reasonable, TCR pays the bill.


If a freight bill is not correctly billed and the charges are more than the amount reflected in the most recent pricing information that we have received from our client or our client’s carrier, we will reduce the freight bill on the face of the bill showing the correct charges and the reason for the change. TCR sends the carrier the reduced payment with the explanation and then we contact the carrier to ensure there understanding of the reduced payment.

» Freight Pre-Audit Benefits «

  • A positive return on investment from our audit and payment processes.
  • A worldwide payment and audit solution is available to customers with global logistics requirements.
  • Our services are designed to lower your freight costs, automate the payment process, and provide useful information about your shipping to help you make accurate decisions.
  • Over 91% of transactions are done through electronic processes, which cost less to process.
  • Transportation service providers performance monitoring.
  • Reduction of your accounts payable cost.
  • Corporate control of all transportation service provider costs.
  • Web access to all transportation bills processed for customers and transportation service providers.

» Time to Complete «

All freight bills are typically audited and paid weekly. TCR will send our customers weekly reports highlighting any items TCR did not pay and why.

» Fees «

TCR fees are based on the number of freight bills paid.

» More on freight audit «

TCR’s pre-audit solutions save you time and money because we:

  • Receive all freight invoices
  • Scan all paper bills and associated documents
  • Pre-audit for rates, service performance and duplicate billing
  • Code and chargeback for non-compliant transactions
  • Furnish analytical tools that allow you to make more informed decisions