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Freight Post-Audits

Freight bill post audit services from Transportation Cost Recovery are an extremely effective way to discover key metrics concerning your freight spend. Did we mention that it’s completely free of cost??? That’s right, if TCR doesn’t document and collect refunds from the carrier on you behalf, we don’t earn anything.

The carriers have specific departments, dedicated to dealing with firms such as ourselves, & refunding overcharges is part and parcel of them doing business.

» How do we do it? «

TCR performs secondary or after-the-fact audits on freight invoices that have been paid by other methods or service providers. The audits will recover dollars paid to transportation companies in error. We audit from actual paper freight bills or from imported historical data files to perform these post audits.

Each carrier invoice will be reviewed against your unique negotiated pricing, considering the correct application of tariffs, contracts, classifications, discounts, accessorial charges and other price-related issues. Each bill receives detailed verification and validation for accuracy.

If a discrepancy is discovered, we will use our Overcharges Claims module to file an overcharge claim with your carrier and also manage the entire process through to collection. TCR can load your freight bill data in our system to offer your company some of the powerful tools available in our TCR Supply Chain Suite and our TCR Web Toolkit.

» Freight Post-Audit Benefits «

  • One-time cost savings with no risk, if we do not find anything we do not get paid.
  • TCR’s proprietary software and most experienced auditors typically recover between 3%-5% of freight expense.
  • Identification of perpetual issues that would have otherwise not been caught (improper routings, excessive charges, incorrect freight classifications etc.).

» Time to Complete «

It takes approximately thirty (30) days to complete an audit of six months paid freight bills.

» Fees «

TCR fees are a percentage of the overcharges; therefore there is no risk for customers. If we collect nothing you pay nothing. When we receive payment from the carriers, their checks are sent to our clients together with our invoice for our portion of the overcharges.

» More on freight audit «

Transportation Cost Recovery has a firm foundation of post audit procedures and processes.

After freight payment has occurred, it’s often time to post audit, not simply because it’s a time-honored practice.

When the trucking industry was born, and freight began to move across the country for shippers, there were overcharges. Since then there has always been good post audit companies, TCR is one of those companies.