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Freight Payment

TCR is a world leader in freight bill (freight payment) processing with more experience in this field than any other. The key to our success and longevity is a time-tested process that combines proven techniques with sophisticated technologies.

TCR has a firm commitment in supporting and adoption of proven freight payment technologies, freight carrier rating systems & information processing systems that perform the fastest, most accurate and most complete freight audit within the payment & audit industry today.

TCR typically reduces our customer’s freight charges by 3%-7% and eliminates $11.00 per bill for internal accounting cost.

» How do we do it? «

To implement our freight payment service, letters are sent to a shipper’s carriers instructing them to send their freight bills to TCR for freight pre-audit.

Upon receipt at TCR, the freight bills are checked against bureau tariffs maintained by TCR and rate agreements and carrier discount information provided to TCR by our clients or their carriers for freight rate, commodity description and extension errors.

If a freight bill is in accordance with tariff or contract information that has been provided to us by our client and the freight charges are reasonable, TCR pays the bill.


If a freight bill is not correctly billed and the charges are more than the amount reflected in the most recent pricing information that we have received from our client or our client’s carrier, we will reduce the freight bill on the face of the bill showing the correct charges and the reason for the change. TCR sends the carrier the reduced payment with the explanation and then we contact the carrier to ensure there understanding of the reduced payment.

» Freight Payment Benefits «

  • Reduction of operational and administrative time spent on freight payment issues.
  • Capable of processing and reporting international taxes such as VAT, GST, etc.
  • Over 91% of transactions are done through electronic processes, which cost less to process.
  • Imaging of all transactions processed is created to eliminate the need for our customers to store paper freight bills.
  • We are a leader in the volume of data captured and utilized from each freight bill.
  • General Ledger accounting codes will be applied to each freight bill based on a customer’s specific business requirements, to allow cost center allocation.
  • Cost accruals for transportation service provider bills not yet billed.
  • Allocation of freight charges can also be applied down to the product level.
  • Web Tools to allow for on line resolution of transportation supplier bills.
  • Our services are designed to lower your freight costs, automate the payment process, and provide useful information about your shipping to help you make accurate decisions.
  • Transportation service providers performance monitoring.
  • Corporate control of all transportation service provider cost.
  • Web access to all transportation bills processed for customers and transportation service providers.

» Time to Complete «

All freight bills are typically audited and paid weekly. TCR will send our customers weekly reports highlighting any items TCR did not pay and why.

» Fees «

TCR fees are based on the number of freight bills paid.

» More on freight payment «

According to Forbes, many companies rely on poor-quality data when making important business decisions. Don’t let the quality of your company’s freight payment data inadvertently lead you down the wrong road. Let a professional freight payment company collect your freight invoice data under the most stringent of practices. Highlights of our Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant Freight Audit includes:

  • Superior freight payment services.
  • Maximum freight bill audit savings.
  • Reduced internal administrative expenses.
  • Extensive Internet reporting tools.
  • A wide variety of reporting formats.

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