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Carrier Contract Negotiations

Unless you’re a company like Walmart, General Electric, or maybe DuPont, odds are good that you could always use a better pricing structure, whether it be tariff-based, or a contract.

There are many devices which the carriers use to ensure that they are maximizing their corporate profits. We know all of them… Allow TCR to put this knowledge to use for your company the next time it’s time for contract negotiations with your carriers. TCR has the ability to enjoy favorable pricing from the carriers, and the carriers like dealing with us. Our professionalism precedes us.

» How do we do it? «

We begin with your current contracts then treat each client on a case-by-case basis. TCR has developed freight relationships with the carriers, and have cultivated the contacts, and the ability to deal with them on their level. Team up with TCR, and let us show you the areas we can save you money on your carrier contracts.

» Contract Negotiation Benefits «

  • Allowing TCR to negotiate with the freight carriers on your behalf lets them know that you are serious about maximizing your shipping dollars.
  • Combine this service with all the rest of our popular freight management tools, and procedures, and your company can really trim waste and unnecessary charges directly from the bottom line.

» Time to Complete «

Negotiation timing may vary due to certain circumstances (e.g., current contract end date or carrier). We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your circumstance, (734) 878-5057

» Fees «

TCR fees can be based on a contingence of savings of the new contract or a flat consulting fee.

» More on contract negotiation «

Use TCR’s full potential to your company’s best advantage. One of the areas in which we excel is negotiating great rates, discounts and other terms for our customers with their carriers. With 30 plus years of experience negotiating contracts with carriers… That makes sense.

Try us out, you certainly have nothing to lose, but think of how much you could potentially gain with better freight pricing structures.